Why Food with Protein Is So Good For Your New Orleans Diet

October 05, 2009


Why Food With Protein Is So Good For Your New Orleans Diet

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Naturally you can’t eat a diet of pure protein, although protein can be considered the one indispensable food since fractions of it can be converted into fat and carbohydrate, but not vice versa.

You can see why the new slimming diets emphasize protein, because liberal allowances can be expected to cause greater loss of weight than would the same number of fat or carbohydrate calories.

When you eat proteins you really hire a Simon Legree to crack the whip on lazy calories, making them buckle down to honest toil instead of picking daisies as they drift to your fat depots.

Nor is the slimming aspect of proteins their sole claim to your respect. They stimulate the general efficiency of your body, replace worn out tissues, furnish materials for zippy gland hormones and build vigor and stamina.

Many people still have a vague impression that a high-protein diet is unhealthy. Doctors used to think so too, but the newer knowledge of nutrition has pretty generally knocked the props from under this idea. One supposedly dangerous effect of protein was its action on the kidneys.

Various ailments of these vital organs were laid to heavy eating of protein. In recent months, doctors have discarded this superstition so completely that today high-protein diets are prescribed for some-not all-kidney ailments.


Vilhjalmur Stefansson, the Arctic explorer, spent several years living with Eskimos on an exclusive meat diet.

According to theories then current, he should have been struck down by all manner of ailments, from Bright’s disease to scurvy. He was so uncooperative with theory, however, as to thrive on his all-meat, high-protein diet.

His “unbalanced” eating habits failed even to raise his blood pressure, and he was downright stubborn in his insistence that he never felt better in his life. Later he lived on the same diet in New York, where physicians could clap stethoscopes on him.

They couldn’t find a thing wrong with him. Since then there has been abundant evidence that high-protein diets can be continued indefinitely without ill effect, except in certain cases of disease.

Experiments leading to the belief that protein was dangerous to kidneys were performed, in large part, before the all-important effects of vitamins and minerals were well understood. Another supposed danger of proteins is, that they putrefy in the intestines and produce poisons absorbed by the body-is much more theoretical than real, on the basis of present conservative opinion.

An inflamed, diseased colon can conceivably absorb toxins through its walls. That a normal colon will do is extremely doubtful. The theory of poison absorption is the popularly horrifying one of “autointoxication.” Curiously, no one has ever satisfactorily demonstrated the presence in the blood, or the. specific identity of, the postulated poisons that stage these Borgian Blitzkriegs.

One famous experiment by Dr. Walter Alvarez of the Mayo Clinic has demonstrated that every symptom attributed to “autointoxication” can be produced by stuffing the rectum with cotton.

Don’t you feel sorry for this little Cottontail bunny now?


Actually, the symptoms are real, but the causes are more mechanical than chemical.

Meat is by no means the ONLY excellent source of protein in your New Orleans Diet.
Other animal products- eggs, cheese-are outstanding.

A protein is considered biologically complete if it furnishes liberal amounts of the amino acids needed by the body.



Many people use Protein supplements to supplement the extra protein in their diet. Protein powders are very popular because of the ease, convenience and ready availableness in many stores these days.

Especially, if you are Working out and trying to Lose weight in New Orleans Boot Camp , it’s very important you get the vital amino acids that are ¬†found in protein to increase the body ‘s ability for faster muscle tone and fat loss.

I see way too many women in New Orleans ignore the fact that they need to increase their protein intake to Lose fat and increase Muscle Tone.

Using a Whey Protein shake is the easiest and most affordable way to do this.

What is your favorite source of Protein or Protein shake?

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October 5, 2009

Dana M Douglas @ 6:17 am

Great article Jonas. Thanks.

Jen Allison @ 7:07 am

Jonas, I thought this was an awesome reminder. I know I’m guilty of just disregarding how much protein I get. Would you maybe do a blog on how we’re supposed to calculate how much protein we get and some gram contents of some foods? I love these blogs!

Mari-Kate McEntee @ 9:12 am

My favorite is the Strawberry “Lean Muscle Meal” by GNC. (whey protein)

Angie @ 1:24 pm

My fave protein drink is Syntha-6 Vanilla Ice Cream. great price at the Vitamin shoppe.

Lylyn @ 3:55 pm

My favorite protein shake is Muscle Milk in either chocolate or cake batter. My favorite protein is Tilapia or Grouper.

chuck deffes @ 7:21 pm

good info.Jonas. I have had good results with protein ……………………….

Lanay Stockstill @ 7:59 pm

Thanks for the helpful information, Jonas.

jane Wolfe @ 8:42 pm

It’s all about protein. The question still remains……how much protein should a woman get per day?

October 6, 2009

Rebecca @ 9:11 am

My fave’s for protein are egg whites,cottage cheese (w salsa!),nuts and all fish! A good protein pick me up i like is a scoop of whey protein with soy milk and a shot of True Brew! Yum!

October 7, 2009

Jonas @ 12:48 am

Thanks for the Comments Everyone! I love them!

Unfortunately, there is no exact answer to this question about how much protein you should be eating.
However, There are a two different formulas that are commonly used:

To ensure that the body is in a positive muscle building state, in other words, that it is burning fat–not muscle, you should ingest at least .9 grams of protein per lean pound of body weight.
For example, a 200 lb. man with 12% bodyfat requires 158 grams of protein daily.
200 X .12 = 24 lbs
200 – 24 = 176 lbs
176 X .9 = 158 gms
The latest study from the International Journal of Sports Nutrition says that people involved in strength training should get 1.6 – 1.7 grams protein per kilogram (2.2 pounds) of bodyweight per day. That is .7 grams per pound. Therefore, a 200 lb man (200 * .7) would need 140 grams of protein. Slightly less than the first formula.
As an estimate we figure that you should consume between .7 – .9 grams of protein per pound of body weight. These number vary based on the amount of body fat you have. Women have higher body fat than men, so they should be on the lower end of the scale. Here are some examples:

150 pounds = 105 – 135 grams of protein a day
160 pounds = 112 – 144 grams of protein a day
170 pounds = 119 – 153 grams of protein a day
180 pounds = 126 – 162 grams of protein a day
190 pounds = 133 – 171 grams of protein a day
200 pounds = 140 – 180 grams of protein a day
220 pounds = 154 – 198 grams of protein a day
240 pounds = 168 – 216 grams of protein a day
260 pounds = 182 – 234 grams of protein a day

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