Why attend a fitness boot camp?

October 04, 2012


Why Attend a Fitness Boot Camp?

Fitness boot camps like NOLA are one of the best ways to drop a dress size and get fit very quickly. Not only does attending a fitness camp help you to lose weight, but you are guaranteed to get fitter, feel more toned and energetic, as well as feel great about yourself.

Getting into shape is one of the best ways you can boost your self confidence. Our boot camps may be hard work, but they are also really fun and you’ll have the chance to meet new people with the same goal as you. So whatever your reason is for wanting to drop a few pounds, whether you want to look your best for your wedding, an upcoming vacation or you saw an advert for SlimFast or Aviva health insurance which encouraged you to kick-start a healthier lifestyle, then you have come to the right place.

Why book onto a fitness boot camp?

Fitness camps are probably the quickest way to lose weight, burn off fat, get fit and become more toned.

What kind of atmosphere can I expect?

You will be part of a large group of people who all have the same goal as you which is excellent for motivation. You’ll be able to spur each other along which is excellent for building stamina and confidence.

How can I maintain my weight after boot camp?

One of the hardest things to do is keep the weight off after attending a fitness camp. Many people fall into their old eating habits or fail to exercise regularly. The key is to eat healthily and exercise often. There’s no need to drastically cut your calories any more if you want to maintain your weight.

What is a workout plateau?

One thing many fitness-fanatics experience is a workout plateau. This happens if you do the same workout regime for too long. You may experience a little weight gain because your body has adapted to the workout which means your metabolism will begin to slow down. You’ll find that your body doesn’t need to work as hard as it used to because you have grown fitter; this is why it is important to mix up your fitness regime. Changing your regime every month or so will surprise your body and challenge it.This will boost your metabolism and help you get even fitter.

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