What Can I Do For You in 2010?

January 07, 2010



I hope you’re doing great and that 2010 is off to a Awesome start for you!

This blog post is a little different.

It’s a new year. You probably have some goals set for your New years Resolution regarding your health and fitness.
I want to help you achieve those goals.

So what I want to know from YOU is; what can I do for you?

What do you need more clarification on?

What topics should I cover in the next few blog posts?

In the comment box below let me know what you need help with, and what I can
do for you to help you reach your health and fitness goals for 2010.

Lets Jump start the new year!!

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January 7, 2010

Stacey White @ 6:11 am

I think your bootcamp is fantastic! Marc is great and really works hard at helping us accomplish our goals. My goal for 2010 is to be rockin the harley tank top with no “Metairie arms” or beer gut by April. I can tell from the results thus far, that WILL happen. I am working hard to fit it in my budget for February’s camp.
Thanks for pushing me in the right direction.

By the way, “Metairie arms” are the dewlap under the triceps brachii and the middle head of the arms that flap in the wind when you wave for Mardi Gras beads. But I’m sure you’ve heard women say that before.

Angelica @ 7:50 am

This January will be my 6th bootcamp in Metairie and I feel great, I can see the results on my body and I feel much stronger, but I would like to know what I can do to work out my problematic areas, something “extra” to get the same results in those zones. I know everybody will be different on this, but for me are the low abs and the ugly rolls on my back.
I’m on your VIP program, by the way!

Eileen Casey @ 9:37 am

Hi, I am interested in your boot camp. Please send me information.


Eileen Casey

Debra West @ 10:28 am

I would like to know what protein shakes/supplements would work best for a woman with pcos on birth control. I know that some of them make you retain water, so I want to avoid that. I already retain too much! Thank you.

Morgan Sasser @ 10:56 am

My overall goal for 2010 is to maintain a fitness routine that I can continue on my own after boot camp, which seems like a great way to jump start the year. But then as Mardi Gras and various other (drinking oriented) holidays approach I do become fearful of sticking to a game plan. If we do intend to drink which alcoholic beverages have less calories? Do you have any tips on how to minimize temptations and stick to your goals?

On other note: the videos were super helpful! I’ve started to incorporate a lot more omegas into my diet (especially for evening meals).

Is there anyway you can make me have a body like Anna Paquin (from True Blood)?

January 8, 2010

Jonas @ 12:06 pm

Thanks Morgan,Debra,Eileen,Angelica, and Stacey for all the feed back, I’m going to start working on getting some blog post that cover these topics.

Debra, I would stick with protein shakes and supplements that are low in sodium. I would also make it a note to avoid all solid meals or other food or drink products with high sodium levels as well to minimize water retention.

Please keep the commits coming, I love to hear everyones thoughts!

P.S. Eileen, just go to http://www.NolaBootcamp.com for more information about the boot camps

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