We’ll Pay You Cash to Get in Shape at New Orleans Boot Camp!

October 13, 2009



New Orleans Boot camp will Pay You to Jump Start you Weight Loss and fit back into those skinny jeans!

Yes you are reading this correct and No I’m not going crazy!
I’m dead serious about Motivating you to lose FAT and INCHES all over your body!
Nola Boot Camp Women

In fact, after you register for one of my Boot camps  locations you will be earning CASH every time you Lose a Inch or Pound!

Cool right?…well…

Here are the Rules:

1. You must be registered for Nov.2,2009 boot camp at one of our 4 locations.

2. Must attend Pre and Post Evaluation on Oct. 31. (so that we can get your measurements and PAY you for your results)

3.Must want to Flatten your Stomach!

4. Must have full attendance for 3 day or 5 day program

5. Must want to firm your Buns & Thighs

6. Must want to fit back into those Skinny jeans!


Don’t forget….this offer expires Oct. 31st!!
Hurry before it sells out!


This offer applies to everyone who is already registered too!

Also, Make sure to leave a comment below if you have any questions or if you want to let me know how motivated you are!

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Comments on We’ll Pay You Cash to Get in Shape at New Orleans Boot Camp! »

October 13, 2009

Elizabeth Coulon @ 6:10 am

Really?! That’s an awesome challenge. Cash to loose weight– talk about motivation!!

Joanna @ 6:39 am

I am registered for the Nov. 2 bootcamp but will be out of town on a business trip on Nov 2nd through Nov 4th. I signed up for the 3 days/wk camp–if I use up the days I missed from the first week during other weeks (i.e., if I go for 4 days/wk for two weeks), can I still be eligible?


Jonas @ 7:17 am

Joanna, yes you can do that but you must come to the pre evaluation on Oct. 31st to get measured.

nicole @ 7:27 am

Cool! Signed up at metairie!

Jonas @ 10:06 am

Great! Get ready to Make some cash!!

Lisa P @ 10:23 am

Wow Jonas! You really know how to motivate us women!

Kelly @ 11:23 am

This is an awesome incentive! I love boot camp and will continue to come out at 5:30am so I can have more energy throughout my day AND fit into my smaller size clothes!!! You have a great incentive here…
thanks to you and Joe (Mandeville) for everything!

Renee Verver @ 12:36 pm

I am signened up for the next boot camp in metairie .. but not sure how to register for this weight loss inchess loss challenge?????? Maybe I missed something …Let me know please

Jonas @ 3:32 pm

No problem Renee, Yes you missed the last sentence on the blog post and the email I sent you.

If you are already registered for the Nov. 2 boot camp then you are already included in the offer, you just have to follow all the rules listed.

October 23, 2009

celeste schmitt @ 8:29 am

Is Boot Camp only offered at 5:30am?

October 27, 2009

Jonas @ 3:30 pm

yes only at 5:30am

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