To lose weight in New Orleans , Go With Your Gut!

April 24, 2009


To  Lose Weight in New Orleans , Go With Your Gut!

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When it comes to coming up with a workable fitness and nutrition

program in New Orleans, it pays to listen to what your mind and body is

telling you. In short, listening to your gut involves a lot more than noting

the rumble in your tummy that says it is time to eat. Going with your gut

in New Orleans also means incorporating hunches and feelings into how,

when, and in what way you work out.

Taking advantage of these gut feelings, as a means of slimming down a

bloated gut has several advantages.

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First, your chance of jumping into a Fitness program that is beyond your current level of fitness is minimized.

Instincts will tell you that you need to start with something that is a little

more basic and achievable,  like a jump start  New Orleans boot camp program.

Going with your gut in this situation has the benefit of allowing you to

successfully launch a fitness program in New Orleans  and not give it up

because of discouragement.


At the same time, listening to your gut feelings can also provide you with a

good idea of when it is time to take things up a notch. As your body and

mind begin to respond to the exercise, you will start to feel more alert,

focused, and alive. In time, you will notice that adding a few more

repetitions, a little extra weight, or walking a few more feet help to

enhance those good feelings. Follow your instincts and increase the

duration and quality of your workout when you have a feeling that the

time has come.

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Last, going with your gut can help you uncover the best forms of exercise

to aid in your particular situation. While all forms of exercise are

beneficial in some manner, you may not need to add anything to your

workout to tone your legs, but you may be in dire need of exercise

routines that will help to shrink your waist and tone up your abdominal

muscles. Your gut feelings can lead you to what feels good, what provides

a challenge, and what seems to be impacting the areas of the body that

you want to firm up and shape.

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While others can always provide helpful input, the bottom line is that if

your gut feeling tells you that there is a desirable outcome to engaging in a

particular form of exercise, you are more likely to engage in the activity

and even over time come to enjoy it. Going with your gut will provide

physical benefits and also bring a great deal of emotional and mental

advantages in New Orleans to the table as well. Pay attention to what your

body and mind have to say and your New Orleans exercise program will be off to a

good start.

Jonas Deffes, New Orleans Personal Trainer

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