New Orleans Boot Camp Success Stories

Becky- “I lost 14inches and 15 pounds!

Whitney – “I’ve experienced so many body changes. It’s been amazing”

“The whole day goes better”

“You can’t argue with the results, down 2 pants sizes in 2 weeks!”

“My Asthma is better now!”

“I lost 7 inches and 6 lbs in a few weeks!”

Ann – “I love it!”

Beth – “No exercise befoe this… but I’m gonna do it again!”

Heidi – “I look forward to getting up every morning”

Holly – “I notice people around me notice”

Jenal – “My avg. blood sugar’s gone down 40 points!”

Jennifer – “Lost 9 inches off my hip in my first month!

Jody Calco – “Accomplishment!”

Lynn – “I highly recommend it”

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