Skim Milk Sucks for Fat Loss!

May 06, 2009


Skim Milk Sucks for Fat Loss


I was talking to a friend the other day..surprised right??

Yes, I do actually talk to  friends.. hahaha!

She was speaking about how great her Breakfast was…but she is stuck in her progress of fat loss.

I always get a bad feeling when someone tells me they eay a healthy breakfast..

I was  like “Ok, tell me what are you eating for breakfast??“……

She Replied with a VERY proud Voice! “Oatmeal with skim milk in it!!!!”


Now, most people think that’s pretty healthy because it has no extra fat from the milk right???


Don’t get me Wrong…Oatmeal is great made with WATER and is a excellent source of carbs!

But with MILK???…hmmmmm

Well, maybe it’s just not the fat content you should be worrying about!

Lets look at the Nonfat milk Nutritional fact label for a moment.


Notice the Total Carbohydrate is 12g

Now look at the Sugars, it’s 11g!

So that means almost all those carbs you are getting from milk is SUGAR!!!

When trying to lose fat you generally want to avoid foods

where sugars are half or more of the total grams of Carbohydrates

(ex. Carbohydrates 12g, Sugars 6g.)

As you can see Milk pretty much lay havoc on your Fat Loss no matter if it’s Skim or Whole!

So next time you hear a cow saying MOOOOOO! It’s really Saying NOOOOOOO!!!!


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you get a Awesome Nutritional Guide that Explains these common pitfalls??

Yours In Health

Jonas Deffes

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May 6, 2009

Lorraine payton @ 8:29 am

Thanks for the information

admin @ 8:34 am

You are very welcome!


John Chancellor @ 8:45 am

That is really surprising. Does sugar occur naturally in milk?

I guess I grew up with the “drink 3 glasses of milk per day” message and we never bother to question some of these messages.

Thanks for the info.

lana hingle @ 9:00 am

Oatmeal with water? No way!

Virginia @ 9:23 am

If the message to consume more is from the company/industry that stands to gain the most, question it first.
i.e., advice to drink more milk from the dairy council, or advice from the pork/chicken/beef industry that their meat is lean and healthy…

admin @ 9:47 am


The Best thing to do is look at “Ingredient” section of labels, there you can see if sugars have been added by other hidden products.

Some Soy milks actually uses stuff like Organic Evaporated Cane Juice.

Now, if you want, you can go Google, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice..It’s basically a fancy name for Sugar!!!


Lylyn @ 11:00 am

Soooo…guess I shouldn’t be drinking any milk with those fresh baked chocolate chip cookies I love so much:(

admin @ 11:53 am


The way I see it, If you are already eating stuffing fresh baked Chocolate chip cookies down your mouth…you might as well enjoy some milk with it..It’s the only logical thing to do right???..but it’s pretty obvious if thats the case then fat loss isn’t a priority for you. :)


May 28, 2009

Jordan @ 11:55 pm

Uhh are you guys joking me? I mean it would be one thing if his argument actually went into proper detail and tried to make a justified point, but all he says is that milk contains sugar, and sugar is bad for fat loss. Both true, but does that mean they correlate in a bad way?

Milk does contain most of it’s cabrs from sugar. However, “sugar” doesnt really define anything. Some of you may have been convinced that fruit is bad for fat loss, but for those who aren’t (which is the correct mind set); I’m sure you know that fruit is relatively high in “sugar” as well, right? Fructose is what fruit sugar is called, and it is part of the mass produced evil in our country known as high-fructose corn syrup (glucose-fructose bonded sugar). While you should stay away from HFCS, fructose itself is a different story. Compared to the normal white refined sugar we all think of (sucrose is the name), plain fructose isn’t very bad at all. A piece or two of fruit a day provides amazing nutrients, its great in the mornings or after a workout when on low/monitered carb diets, and by choosing the right fruits that are low on the Glycemix index (Apples, pears, and strawberries are good choices) you ensure that your body wont be sending those carbs to your fat cells.

As for the actual topic, milk contains a sugar unique to itself known as lactose. Even more so than fruit, skim milk (im not sure about 1 or 2%, I only drink skim, tastes better) Is low on the Glycemic index scale. Infact, its generally lower than sugar, and although a good but unfortunately shortly developed study showed that milk, as well as 38 other foods have higher insulin responses than the glycemix index generally states, it is still considered low, and the insulin response is believed to come from the whey PROTEIN, not the carbs. This is because of its particulary fast digestion especially coming its natural (not extracted) but still liquid state. Lactose by itself has infact been shown to have a lower insulin response than milk in its whole, but that still is not to day milk is bad. 1, maybe two cups a day if your lifting weights that day, will not detriment your fat loss efforts. What will is if you keep worrying about all these little specifics on milk doing this and that, and a little sugar here and there, especially if it comes with essential nutrients or great protein like that which is in fruit and milk.

Focus on what you know matters the most: Eating “whole” unprocessed foods, eating a generally wide variety of the right foods(getting good lean protein source, some complex grainy/high fiber carbs (dont forget legumes and lentils!), lots and lots of veggies, and essential healthy fats), eating the right amount of these foods, And finally exercise (weights training/ body weight exercises + all types of cardio and other activity). And ofcourse being DETERMINED, PRECISE, and FOCUSED. Dont “slip up” spontaneously if your trying to make healthy change in your life, monitor your progress and properly reward yourself when you deserve it. Althhough sometimes hard along the way, the battle to a healthy lifestyle is ALWAYS worth it.

Jordan @ 11:59 pm

Oh and great website, I liked alot of the articles.

June 1, 2009

Jonas @ 4:44 pm

You Made some Great points Jordan! Thanks for sharing!

November 24, 2010

Shaddix @ 4:14 pm

if you’re trying to lose weight then fuck dairy completely. Milk is for GROWTH. And skim milk may as well be sugar water. Drink whole milk or don’t drink milk at all, fat is good for you.

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