Simple ways to Minimize Your Swine Flu Risk in New Orleans

October 07, 2009


Simple ways to Minimize Your Swine Flu Risk in New Orleans


I’m not an alarmist kinda person.  However – Seasonal flu annually sickens 5-20% of the population. and statistics Don’t lie.

Actually, a friend of mine in New Orleans called me yesterday to tell me that her child contracted the swine flew..It kind of freaked me out because I have a beautiful 5y/o daughter (see pic below) in Kindergarten this year…..I can’t help to be concerned ….which prompted me to write this blog today.


But there’s no need for gloom and doom. These 7 simple techniques reduce your Swine Flu risk and you’ll start feeling much better.

1.    Vitamin D through sun exposure or a good multi-vitamin that contains Vitamin D3

2.    Avoid sugar and processed foods

3.    Get on a consistent New Orleans exercise program <————–click here

4.    Daily Omega 3 fats from krill oil to boost your immune system

5.    Get enough rest.  Some believe getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night dramatically increases you chances

of contracting the flu

6.    Wash your hands thoroughly throughout the day

7.    Consume anti-oxidants to help fight off free radicals that can weaken your immune system

If you’re looking for the way to stay healthy this year then that means following all 7 seven steps above.

In the comment section below I’d love to hear about any other tips that you know of  or swine flu stories

Yours in Health and Swine Flue Prevention!

Jonas Deffes

Make sure to forward this info to your family and friends to help us prevent the spread of Swine!

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October 9, 2009

Lisa P @ 3:03 pm

I know a few people who have gotten the flu lately. It does seem to a ever lasting flu season this year.

October 10, 2009

Jonas @ 3:15 pm

Lisa, Between all the allergies and flu it seems everyone is getting sick.

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