Self Defense In New Orleans!

April 23, 2009


Self Defense in New Orleans

Today I really wanted to give you something that is helpful in allot of ways.

If you watched the local news lately, you probably have been disgusted with

the increase in crime.

I took upon myself to call one of the Top Self Defense Experts in New Orleans, James Wilson!

and film some quick tips for everyone. Check out the video!

James focuses on 4 major aspects when it comes to Self Defense in New Orleans.

He calls it the “4 A’s”

1. Aware

2. Avoid

3. Assert

4. Attack

It’s pretty cool stuff and once you know the details of these four simple “A’s”

you will be learning how to avoid dangerous situations!

to find out more about James Wilson and his Eskrima and Self defense Programs
visit his website at

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April 23, 2009

chris deffes @ 7:21 pm

hey jonas,

I watched your video– i learned a lot – thanks – i needed to know how to protect myself- just the other day at target in FL, a old man and his wife got attacked with a knife- and day or so later the man died- the attacker used a knife and stabbed him in the stomach- the stabbed his wife. she lived- you did a great job with the interview- i know everyone will appreciate this great info you provided.



May 1, 2009

Lylyn @ 7:12 am

Very insightful video. I already use the “aware” & “avoid” tactics when I’m out and about in any city not just New Orleans. However, now that I know about the other two A’s, assert and attack, I feel more confident about handling myself in a dangerous situation. Hope I never have to practice those last two A’s though.

May 5, 2009

John Chancellor @ 5:18 pm

Good advice. I think James echoes what Benjamin Franklin said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cures.”

May 6, 2009

admin @ 7:28 am

Very well said John, that is a awesome quote!

admin @ 8:37 am

I’m going to have more self defense videos coming up soon!


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