“Is Your Workout a Waste of Time?”

If you are not taking the right type of recovery drink after you exercise, you are getting only a fraction of the benefits you should be!

Recent studies have shown that a carbohydrate-protein supplement is more effective for rapid replenishment of muscle glycogen after exercise than a carbohydrate only supplement of equal carbohydrate or caloric content.**

So what is the best type of post workout recovery meal?

Your recovery drink must have the right combination of carbohydrates and protein. And at Prograde, we’ve cracked the code and created a perfect post-workout meal: Prograde Workout.

Here are some of the incredible benefits packed into our powerhouse recovery drink:

-The perfect combination of carbs/proteins based on research to give you the best recovery to maximize your workouts*

- Fast digesting carbs to quickly restore glycogen (carb storage) levels and to help shuttle the amino acids into the muscle to immediately start the muscle repair process.

-Cold processed protein: Low Temperature Micofiltered and Ion-Exchanged Whey Protein Isolates for unparalleled purity*

-Delicious easy-to-mix formula – ready to drink in less than 60 seconds

-Rapid absorption designed for maximum muscle recovery*

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you how good it tastes. Vanilla Prograde Workout is so smooth it mixes easily with just a spoon. And unlike most post-workout shakes on the market, you’ll really look forward to drinking it after a tough training session!

Try a Full Month Supply of Workout…
We are confident you are going to love Prograde Workout and the way enhances your workouts – My partners at Prograde Nutrition are offering you a full month’s supply for free. All they ask is you pay a small shipping and handling fee to cover our cost. Sound fair?

And, as an added benefit, when you try the free Workout, you’ll automatically be enrolled in our Smart Ship program. You’ll receive future monthly bottles at the absolute lowest price of just $31.95 – plus FREE SHIPPING! Of course, there’s no commitment and you can cancel anytime by contacting our customer support center.

This offer is only available to United States and Canada residents at this time.

But don’t wait. Due to the popularity of this offer, our supply of free bottles are literally flying off the shelves.

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