Part 3, Habits of New Orleans Boot Campers

November 15, 2010


Part 3: Lasting Habits for New Orleans Boot Campers
Find the “self” that is truly you.

A Fitness Blog Post by: Jonathan Kaufman( New Orleans Boot Camp Instructor in Lake view)

Before I kick this off..I want to set the tone of this article because, even though I’m a New Orleans Boot camp instructor. I’m also one of you too! A student of sorts,  I am always learning from my campers and when I see someone struggling, my heart goes out to help them.

This is the conclusion to my three-part “lasting Habits” article and I want to try to use it to encourage each camper to find themselves.

Find the “self” that is truly you. Find the “self” that is capable of understanding the changes and the change process, and then takes action. The “self” that succeeds.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m also a student, yet teaching fitness skills comes naturally to me because I’m continuously learning and practicing them myself.

I am also always working to grow as an individual, and to reach my potential in every aspect of my professional and personal life.  new orleans minset

When it comes to my own habits, I realize that no matter how I define myself, or my goals, or my direction, unless I put my ideas into action, my effort is kinda meaningless.

Action is the most difficult part of the equation of making great and lasting habits, and in this blog I’m going to touch a bit on how to take action and make things happen.

I procrastinate and so it has taken me awhile to get back into the writing saddle. This is who I am.
I tend to take my time with thins and procrastination is part of my identity. For whatever reason, when I get close to a deadline, I act. I know this about myself and so when I am having fun and being lazy, I don’t beat myself up about it. I accept it and trust that when the deadline is here, I’m ready and my history has proved it. I have faith and acceptance in my behavior.

Acceptance is part of action, and it is also a big part of finding your identity.
Learn who you are and work with it as opposed to struggling with lifestyle change. If you don’t like who you are, learn to re-invent yourself and have fun with the experience.

new orleans challenge

Today I told the class to have fun with the camp. It is challenging to get up at 5:30 and exercise in the outdoors regardless of the weather. It also makes the rest of the day so much better for me and I like feeling good all day because of the exercise.

It sometimes feels like recess was back in grade school and I get a kick out of going back in time and running around the school lot. This perception I have of seeing camp as recess has become connected to the emotion I get when I think back to the fun I had in my youth, and thus helps me to stay committed to getting my butt to camp each and every day.

In order to be an “action” oriented person, a person who doesn’t just talk the talk, but who walks the walk, you have to like who you are and what you are doing. If you don’t like it, you won’t stick with it.

-Who are you?

-Why are you doing this Bootcamp?

-What will Bootcamp do for you?

-What do you have to do at Bootcamp to get the results that you want?

-How does your lifestyle support your coming to Bootcamp? How doesn’t it? What needs to change for that to happen?

If you get the results you want, then what?nola Sun_Light_Energy

As you drive to New Orleans Boot camp, and as you drive home, reflect on questions like these. Develop answers that help you to define the identity that is you.

Use time productively and instead of listening to the radio, listen to the voice that encourages you to continue, to push on, to get the results that you want.

This is what Boot camp is about for me…….

Boot camp is more than just making muscles firmer, bodies leaner, people healthier and happier.

Boot camp is about changing your attitude, reinforcing positive action with self compassion, and challenging the doubts and fears that we all have growing up.

positive-thinking in new orleans

We develop our bodies by coming to New Orleans Boot camp but I also ask my campers to grow their minds. “move yourself, past your self!”, is something I say during camp.

When I say this, I want to express my desire to see you grow beyond the part of yourself that holds you back.jogging_and_losing_weight

-The part that may be afraid to grow!

-The part that tells you that you can’t do this!

-The part that tells you that you are going to fail once more to get the body or the lifestyle that you desire.

Go beyond that self and find the self that is truly you.

-If you are putting the time and energy into Boot camp

-If you are looking to get better results

-If you are looking to make this a lifestyle change that sticks forever

Ask yourself the questions that need to be asked. Find your identity. Accept who you are. Re-evaluate what you are doing and where you are going.

Make this process part of your New Orleans Boot camp practice and begin to make action happen!

Stay healthy and happy, Jonathan Kaufman ( New Orleans Lakeview Boot Camp Instructor)

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November 16, 2010

Sammy @ 2:58 am

Very happy and motivating blog post Jonathan!

Sarah @ 10:13 am

Very motivating!! Thank you and you have a great day too!!!

November 17, 2010

Deanna @ 7:08 am

This is so true!! Thank you Jonathan. I always remember you saying that just getting there every morning means a lot and when we are there to give it your all ( put the effort in)! Once again thank you!!

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