New Orleans Self Defense Tips at a ATM Machine

June 04, 2009


New Orleans Self Defense Tips at a ATM Machine

As we All KNOW,  crime increases in the Summer time.

This is why we should pay extra attention to our Surroundings especially

when it involves handling money in a Public area.

In todays video James Wilson, Local New Orleans Self defense expert gives you some

great tips that we can use to prevent a sticky situation from happening.

It’s really important that you share this video with your family and friends.

Crime is something that we can’t control or predict but, when we are put into a certain situation

it is our responsibility to have some AWARENESS to AVOID, ASSERT and ATTACK back if necessary.

atm_new orleans

More information about James Wilson’s  can found at his website by clicking here


If you haven’t seen Part 1 of the New Orleans Self Defense Series click here to check it out!

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June 4, 2009

chuck @ 8:16 pm

The video is excellent info. Keep up the good work……………………….

June 5, 2009

John Chancellor @ 7:57 am

Some very good advice in this video. I know we all get too caught up in what we are doing and do not pay enough attention to what is going on around us. Be alert and be aware – will certainly reduce the chance of something bad happening to you.

Lanay @ 9:50 am

Great Video! I’m always feel like a target at the atm day or night. The advice in the video gives me piece for mind and eases my fear by empowering me with the knowledge of what to do to prevent and ward off attack.

Lanay Stockstill
Helping women discover their inner Dating Diva

Lisa @ 9:06 pm

Jonas, I made all my teen age daughters watch this video tonight, thanks for being proactive about making a difference in peoples lives and saftey.

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