New Orleans Chiropractor speaks on Joint Pain

July 02, 2009


New Orleans Chiropractor, Dr. Nick Thompson has to be one the  Best Chiropractors in New Orleans


He has a really cool vibe about him and he is really into Nutritional care for his clients as well.

In the interview some of the topics we talk about are…

  • How New Orleans Chiropractic care deals with Muscular skeletal disorders with the Body
  • Traditional Chiropractic care vs. Traditional Western Doctor’s treatment.
  • Typical Inflammatory Diet vs. Organic Diet.<—-Learn how your diet could be Hurting your Joints!
  • Recommended Supplements that can help you.
  • Recognizing what things cause wear and tear on the body
  • Why Soda’s cause damage in your body!
  • What a New Orleans Chiropractor treatment from Dr. Thompson includes! Watch This Video

So, If you are Having some problems with your body and can’t quite seem to figure out what it is then….

Take Advantage of this no Obligation offer by Dr. Nick Thompson to help you get out of Pain!


Call 504-861-7167 and tell them you just saw the video on and want to make a appointment for the Free Consultation, Evaluation and Adjustment!

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For More information about Dr. Nick Thompson  and his  New Orleans Chiropractic Practice located on
7605 Maple Street
New Orleans, LA 70118

Visit his website New Orleans Chiropractor <—–click here

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July 2, 2009

Lylyn @ 2:36 pm

Good information. I stay away from refined and process foods as much as possible but sometimes a girl needs a piece of chocolate or cheesecake to make it through life. I would eat only organic foods but the cost is prohibitive for me right now so I try to at least buy organic animal products and then shop locally for fruits and veggies.

Melanie Goodman @ 6:12 pm

QUESTION: Are beer and/or red wine inflamatory foods/drinks?

July 7, 2009

Dr. Thompson @ 8:48 am

According to Dr. David Seaman, who researches the major nutritional journals, runs a nutrition-based proactice and is an obvious proponent of an aint-inflammatory diet – a bit of red wine or stout beer is alright. Here is a recent article by Dr. Seaman that you might fing interesting:

July 22, 2009

chiropractor nyc @ 3:24 pm

Chiropractic is great for all sorts of joint pain. In my experience, when combined with cold laser therapy (I used irradia superpulsed 904) the results are even more outstanding.


Dr. Sadovnik

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