Magic Scale Number Be Gone!

April 20, 2009

Magic Scale Number Be Gone!

Lots of women have a magic number for their

dream weight in New Orleans.


Are you one of those? Whether a woman is willing to admit it or not, most have an exact number, or at least a range for the weight that they consider to be perfect for them.

Where Did the Magic Number Come From?

Before you go any further, you need to figure out where your magic number came from. Is it your  best friend’s number? Or your thinnest sister’s number? Is it the number you were when you were in school? Or perhaps the number you were when you were your happiest? When you go to the doctor and she asks you to get on the scale, is it the number you fantasize about?

Before you even contemplate losing weight, you need to come to terms with your magic number. You can do this by figuring out if this number is realistic for who you are now, taking into consideration your age, height and general state of health.  It is important to be truthful with yourself, even if you cannot be honest with other people.

Is There Such a Thing as the Ideal Weight?


Is there really such a thing as the ideal weight? If yes, then are the components you base it on accurate? If you are one of those women whose confidence level is affected by the number when you step on the scale and look down, then an ideal weight is not really ideal in any way.

The number you see on the scale is just that- a number. It gives no indication of the state of your health or how fit you are. Weighing yourself is self defeating and not the best way to track your progress.

Try Something Else

Why not try something else, something that is not as likely to crush your level of self confidence, such as tracking your body fat percentage, your waist circumference or using the Body Mass Index (BMI). None of these methods are ideal either but they can give you some insight into how well you are doing in regards to your weight loss plan.

Do not use the scale as a guide to how healthy you are. It has its purpose but it does not tell the whole tale.

Body Fat
bodyfat monitor

Body fat is a good indicator of your risk for disease but not for the weight you are at. It gives no indication of your bones, joints, organs, etc. One thing you can do is to use the BMI. Be aware however that the BMI is not a good enough indicator on its own. It does not consider the actual location of all of the body fat on a person’s body.

According to the BMI, a female with a waist measurement that is 35 inches or more is at a high risk for diseases and health problems, as is a man whose waist is 40 inches or more. Be mindful of this.

Other classic indicators of the increased chances of disease include blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels.

Do not use only one measurement method to determine your ideal weight or magic number. Take them all together and make sure you are as realistic and practical as possible.


Never forget that you are more than the sum of any number on a scale!

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