Lucy Bustamante Interview on New Orleans Fitness!

April 21, 2009


Channel 4 New Orleans News Anchor Lucy Bustamante talks about health and fitness in New Orleans.

Recently I did a short interview with Lucy.

If you don’t know Lucy Bustamante, she is a outstanding news anchor and she was recently voted to be one of the most beautiful women in New Orleans!

The cool thing with Lucy Bustamante, she understands the benefits of working out and staying in shape!

In Part 1 of this interview she we cover some important topics that most women deal with misconceptions when it comes to working out with weights.

P.S. You Don’t want to miss Lucy Bustamante on Regis live

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April 21, 2009

Lynn @ 3:07 pm

Awesome! She is right…first thing in the morning is best for exercise.

Josie Gristina @ 5:09 pm

Good interview. Lucy’s got the right idea. Healthy diet and a consistent exercise program will produce the results we’re all striving for, and in turn leads to the motivation to keep it going.

April 22, 2009

Paul @ 4:49 pm

I like it! Bring on part 2!

May 6, 2009

admin @ 8:37 am

Part 2 is posted!


admin @ 8:42 am

Working out in the morning will do wonders for keeping up high energy for the rest of the day!


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