Kick Butt New Orleans Workout

April 27, 2011


Hey there!  I got a Really cool workout for you today!

I Call it the 7 min. New Orleans Kick Butt Workout!

This work out take s no longer then 7 minutes and and should have you burning buckets of extra calories ALL day long.
I actually tested it myself yesterday and I was really surprised at how effective it was in just a short 7 min.!

Ok here is how it goes. …
First thing you need is a Timer.. don’t get all freaked out because the good part is most of us have smart phones and they have timers built right into them…
Iphone Timer.

Once you got your timer ready,  you are ready to to learn a little about about the structure of the workout.
-It will consist of 2 exercises and you are going to do 7 reps of each exercise back to back..this is called a round.
-For the whole entire 7 minutes you will be doing as many rounds of these exercises  in  7 min.

So what are the exercises?

Well to make this workout effective you have to use exercises that work the whole entire body and the best ones for that
are  Thrusters(Squat Press) and Burpee’s!

Let’s Proceed in learning these 2 wonderful exercises……

So exercise #1 is Thrusters, You are going to want to use dumbbells ranging anywhere from 5-15 lbs depending on your
Strength Level .

Check out this video below to see how that are done..

Exercises #2 is Burpees! This is probably one of the most challenging bodyweight exercises!

You Can also Check out the Video Below

Ok .. so now that you know how to do the exercises.. lets get into the format of the  7 min. workout. Which by the way is super simple.

First thing  you will do is start your timer. You will be doing this workout for 7 min. straight with as little rest as possible.
After you start the timer you will be doing as many “Rounds” of the 2 exercises for 7 repetitions for each exercise.

For example… soon as the timer starts!
Round 1:

Thrusters 7 reps
Burpees 7 reps

Round 2:
Thrusters 7 reps
Burpees 7 reps

Round 3:
Thrusters 7 reps
Burpees 7 reps

Round 4:
Thrusters 7 reps
Burpees 7 reps

Try to get at least 4 rounds within the 7 min. The More rounds you get the more challenging the workout will be. Some people might even get 7 rounds depending on how much weight they use on the thrusters.

Ok so there it is.. I challenge you to try it first thing in the morning today or later in the afternoon.  It will give your body a metabolic boost that will get your heart rate up and have you sweating buckets in 7min!
Just like we do at New Orleans Boot Camp

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Disclaimer: See your physician before starting any exercise or nutrition program.
You must have a complete physical examination if you are sedentary, if you have
high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes, if you are overweight, or if you
are over 30 years old. Please discuss all nutritional changes with your physician or
a registered dietitian

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