Fathers Day Fat Loss Tips in New Orleans

June 20, 2009


Fathers Day Fat Loss Tips in New Orleans

Fathers Day in New Orleans is vast approaching and that means you may be curious about what to purchase your father for this festive day.

You could purchase the same old, same old gifts but they have a tendency to fall flat.

That is why it may be a good idea to purchase gift certificates for nutritional support and physical training.

Perhaps, you could even purchase a few books or DVDs that provide more than a few Fathers Day Fat Loss Tips in New Orleans.

Some of these tips are fairly simply and can help get dad in better shape even before he takes a trip to the personal fitness trainer’s office.


One of the best of the Fathers Day fat loss tips in New Orleans to present is the advice to avoid overeating on the holidays.

Yes, there will be a lot of great food items on the menu but it is important not to overindulge. Any calories that you do not burn will be turned into stored fat.

One day may not hurt you but it can start a trend that could lead to further overeating.

As such, it is important to avoid getting into such a habit.

A little bit of exercise is always better than none at all. When it comes to burning calories, you do not need to invest an enormous amount of time performing high intensity workouts.

You can always take the intensity levels down a few notches and perform light exercises such as walking or mild calisthenics.

While this is not a strategy that will burn up a great many calories, it will definitely help reduce a decent enough number of them that they have a noticeable effect.
Also among the Fathers Day fat loss tip in New Orleans is to avoid eating (in excess) those foods that are notorious for packing on excess fat.

Refined sugars are extremely high in calories and they spike insulin levels through the roof.

This promotes fat storage and as well as a number of other unfortunate health problems.

It is also best to avoid eating foods that are high in saturated fats. This is because saturated fat is enormously high in calories and

anyone looking to drop weight would definitely want to stay away from foods with high calorie content.

And, of course, saturated fat also presents serious problems for the heart since it can clog arteries among other problematic effects.

Probably the most important Fathers Day Fat Loss tips in New Orleans is to become motivated to drop weight and then take the steps to do so.

Far too often, people will want to drop their excess pounds but they do not take the steps to do so.

This Fathers Day in New Orleans, do not make such a mistake!

That is why providing a gift that helps promote such a venture this Fathers Day will certainly be welcome.


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June 21, 2009

Lanay @ 12:35 pm

My father has no problem dropping weight when he wants to. He’s very active as far as staying busy and working on projects, but it isn’t necessarily aerobic activity. The added difficulty is he has limited mobility with his knees, so walking is out. Calisthenics is a great idea. I’ll have to put together some he can do.



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