New Orleans Running with Bootcamp

August 1, 2012


New Orleans Running with Boot camp

Watch this video first to see the difference between a heal strike and the pose method(toe strike)

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How to Intermittent-Fast Correctly to Lose Weight

October 20, 2011


How to Intermittent-Fast Correctly to Lose Weight

Here is a really great book about Intermittent Fasting.
It’s a alternative approach to eating healthy for losing fat and increasing muscle tone.
It’s by Dr. John M. Berardi, who is one of the most respected Nutritionist in the World when it comes to losing fat.

Click here to Download your FREE copy–>Intermittent-Fasting_Precision-Nutrition

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Pilates in New Orleans

February 24, 2011


Thinking about Pilates? Try Bootcamp Instead!

While Pilates was invented in 1912 by Joseph Pilates, bootcamp classes are a relatively new fitness phenomenon. Pilates has many muscle building benefits, but boot camp classes have muscle building and cardio benefits and will produce results faster.

With Pilates New Orleans exercisers face a long, dull series of core strengthening exercises working the abdominal muscles. Pilates is said to build long lean muscle without bulk…. which is a bunch of crap!..

Anyone with the basic knowledge of anatomy will be able to tell you that muscle length and thickness is determined at birth by ones insertions and origins of your muscles. This is something that is passed on my our genetics and No style of training can change the length of our muscles!

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Diet Soda will make you FAT in New Orleans

January 17, 2011


Diet Soda will make you FAT in New Orleans

1 can of 12oz diet soda a day increase weight gain and other health problems by 40%!

Watch this video!

Imagine how well this could work in YOUR Fat Loss if your stopped drinking diet soda and started exercising. Imagine if you really spent time to track your diet and start eliminating you junk food the market.

I’m betting you could get unbelievably results if you started today and started exercising and eliminating diet soda.…Especially if you joined my boot camp program that encourages you to do just that!

In fact, you could probably end up adding 10+ years of health to your life just by combining exercise and no diet soda. Speaking of getting a exercise program, CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE #1 FAT LOSS PROGRAM FOR WOMEN IN NOLA

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Kamploops and NOLA Yoga expert adds Fitness to your Routine

January 12, 2011


Adding Yoga to Your Fitness Routine

This is a Fitness Guest Post by Katrina Ariel who Teaches a Kamloops Yoga boot camp in Canada
Empowering Your Fitness Practise

centering-in Here’s my take on strength training and working out: It can be an incredible way to get in shape, lose weight, and maintain a healthy body. When you build muscle you feel more capable, and that muscle burns calories for you even when you’re sleeping.

But, for me, fitness has to be balanced with yoga so it doesn’t become a harsh routine of physical force. It should be fun and feel good, not be a form of torture. And, by bringing the two together, you find your yoga practice evolving as you become more in tune with your body. There’s also the fun of discovering what aspects of your practice are more available to you when you’re stronger, and to see yourself in the mirror and think, “Wow! I look great!”

Let every practice be an offering to yourself; a dance of strength and sensitivity led by your breath. Always listen to your body.

FIRST: The first thing is always to connect with your breath, center in and set your intention; envision yourself strong, healthy, happy, and full of energy! Call it in with an Om.

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New Orleans Outdoor Boot Camp workout!

December 10, 2010


Hey there, Jonas here from New Orleans Boot Camp. As a fitness professional I’m always looking for new ways to train my clients using body weight workouts! My number one choice in training my clients are Boot Camp style workouts where you use your body weight.

Below is a Done for you New Orleans workout that you can over the weekend!

After your warm up you are going to want to find a set of stairs or a curb…should be pretty simple because curbs and stairs are literally everywhere. You are going to do the 4 Different Circuits with the listed amount of reps. and repeat each circuit for a total of 4 times before moving onto the next one…here it goes….
1. Upper Body Circuit is: 25 Push-ups followed immediately 25 Seated Dips. You are going to repeat this 4 more times with no rest.

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Lasting Habits for New Orleans Boot Campers

October 5, 2010


Lasting Habits for New Orleans Boot Campers

A Fitness Blog Post by: Jonathan Kaufman( New Orleans Boot Camp Instructor in Lake view)

Hello Current and Future New Orleans fitness boot campers!!I hope that everyone is making the most of the current boot-camp. We are in third week of the current session and by now most of you have figured out that the time goes by quickly when you are putting in the effort and staying motivated.

This art
icle is a continuation of my last one which discussed the need to make lasting habits a part of your New Orleans fitness lifestyle.

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New Orleans, 51 Summer Fitness Boot Camp Tips on Burning Fat!

April 20, 2010


New Orleans, 51 Summer Fitness Boot Camp Tips on Burning Fat!

A Fitness Boot Camp Guest Post by Dan Go

Summer means a lot of things…but the most important thing is the fact that we wear our most revealing clothes during the summer so you want to be looking your best when hitting the scene or going to the beach. There is nothing worse than having that extra flab hanging around from the holidays haunting you every time you wear your clothes.


The good thing is changing your body doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to live off of salad and chicken for every meal, work out in the gym for 2 hours a day 7 days a week and you don’t have to give up your lifestyle to tone up, slim down your winter belly and have toned arms your friends would be jealous of.
Here are 51 tips on burning the extra fat off of your body and if you don’t want to go through all 51 of them.

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