Build Muscle to Burn More Calories in New Orleans by working out!

June 12, 2009


Build Muscle to Burn More Calories in New Orleans by working out!

Did you know that every ounce of muscle burns calories during the day?


Here is the good news: Muscle burns 5-15 calories per pound
per day than. So what does this mean to you? What it means
is that muscle will naturally burn fat.

But building muscle or increasing muscle tone is hard isn’t it?

No not really, you just have to try a little. Here 3 tips how…..


1.Train just at least 2-3 times per week.

Take a few times a week to work your muscle groups.
It’s easy to sleep that extra 15 minutes, but can you honestly not get
out of bed or off the couch for 30-60 minutes to work your muscles?

2.Challenge your muscles.

Easy to moderate reps are great for maintaining muscle, but the
more muscle you have on your body compared to fat,
the more calories your burning per day without even thinking about it.
Challenge your muscles by using a higher weight than you usually would,
make it so your last rep makes you work for it, but is still doable.

3.Use compound movements.

These movements challenge several muscle groups at the same
time. Push-ups, squats, lunges are all good examples of
compound movements and that’s why we focus on those exercises in the
New Orleans boot camp.

4.Change your workouts.

Your body will get used to the same routine if you do the same
thing for every day each week. Challenge your body by changing your
workout routine each week. If you are in one of my boot camp programs
then you already know that everyday we incorporate different exercises, sequences,
circuits, and intensity to constantly challenge your body.

Sometimes doing something just as simple as going roller skating instead of
bike riding for cardio will make your legs REALLY sore the next day.


In fact, last week I went to a roller skating party and I couldn’t believe how sore my legs
was the next day. Actually it was quite embarrassing because the soreness
made me feel like I was walking funny… but It still felt great in a crazy sort of way to feel my muscles sore again.

Anyway!…before embarass myself even further…..


Here is a compound Movement Workout that you can do anywhere to get you started.

Reps /Exercises

1. 30 / Jumping jacks
2. 30 / Body weight Squats
3. 30 / Bicycle Crunches
4. 30 / Stationary Lunges (right leg forward)
5. 30 / Stationary Lunges ( left leg forward)
6. 15-30 / Push up’s
7. 30 / Jumping Jacks
8. 30 Alternating Lunges


Try to Repeat exercises 1-8, for as many Rounds(#1-8) as possible without rest for 20 minutes.

Email me back how many rounds you could do in 20 minutes.

Always make sure you check with your doctor before starting a exercise program.

Now, YOU can do this, just a little ambition goes a long way. Get up and
go do it!!


If you are having trouble finding motivation to workout.

You should consider doing one of my boot camp program!


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June 21, 2009

Lanay @ 12:22 pm

What I love about NOLA Boot Camp is even though I can workout 3x a week and use compound movements I just don’t always challenge or change up my workouts. Boot camp does that for me.


September 5, 2009

Lisa P @ 1:16 pm

It tried that workout, it’s more challenging then i thought it would be! Worked up a good sweat!

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