Boot Camp New Orleans, Doers and Visualizers

July 13, 2009


Boot Camp New Orleans, Doers and Visualizers


You’ll find the DOERS are the people who have goals, who have
plans to fulfill those goals, who have patience, persistence,
guts, determination, desire ,consistency and so on.

These qualities are mental skills that DOERS have transferred to the physical.

Everyone has to start somewhere and everything comes from thoughts in our minds.
These thoughts can come true but, you have to mentally  “picture” yourself
actually doing them.

This is where Visualization can come in to your benefit

visual new orleans

Visualization is a extremely powerful tool to transferring your mental thoughts to the physical.

All champions, all winners are the people who know that
success is first and foremost is a Visualized mental process.


When you watched Michael Phelps Last year win every race in the Olympics,
you could see it in his eyes…The mental toughness,determination,and desire to have the Gold metal before the race even began….. He used Visualization as a Tool to be number one in the world!


Now, I know we are not all trying to break Olympic records, but there is no reason why  our Fitness goals can’t have the same level of importance and Reward.

In Fact, I see it  ALL the time with women in my Boot Camp in New Orleans, I see that feeling of victory every morning with them!

However, whenever you find yourself getting mentally blocked, Just VISUALIZE yourself celebrating another physical/mental victory and experiencing that awesome feeling of fulfillment!

I ask of you, before you go to bed tonight. Visualize yourself doing the some exercises the next day and NOT have it come TRUE, I dare you!

Doing these thing will help you stay the Ultimate exercise DOER that you are!!

Yours in Health and Visualization and Boot Camp in New Orleans, Metairie, Mandeville and Kenner!


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July 16, 2009

Lanay Stockstill @ 8:12 am

Right on, Jonas! The power of the mind is an incredible thing. We used with Lacrosse to visualize a shot, a pass and overcoming our opponents. I’ve just recently started using visualization again as a tool to focus on my goals for the future, and I’m already seeing results.

Lanay Stockstill
Helping Women Discover their inner Dating Divas

August 15, 2009

Michelle Myer @ 11:40 am

“The mind is the athlete!”

August 25, 2009

chuck deffes @ 5:04 pm

I love that visualization picture………………It’s great ! Keep up the encouragement, we all need it.

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