Are your Cocktail Calories cause Weight Gain in New Orleans?

September 23, 2009


Are Cocktails Calories causing Weight Gain in New Orleans?

Let’s be temperate about temperance. Alcohol as a moral problem. But alcohol as a food, or at least as an article of dieting, is a big subject to New Orleans reducing weight.

It must be conceded that a great many alcoholics are spindling and cadaverous in New Orleans. They get that way because they use alcohol instead of food.
For a so called “Normal people”  who drinks only as an occasional accessory to food, must look upon alcohol as a potential builder of corpulence.

Alcohol is funny stuff, as the night-clubber said when he found two wives waiting up for him. It provides plenty of calories and burns with a lovely light, especially on plum pudding.

It burns within you with the same intensity-at the rate of 7 calories per gram, nearly twice the output of protein or carbohydrate and within a couple of calories of the high-heat level of fats.

Alcohol provides a fourth kind of calories.
Practically alone among food materials, alcohol can be absorbed directly from the stomach without the intervention of digestion. Once it is in the blood it has no place to go. There are no friendly storehouses to welcome it, as is the case with other foods. Consequently it has to be burned, liberated as heat and energy. It takes about 31/2 hours for the average person to burn i ounce of alcohol, the amount you or someone else gets from two ounces of 100 proof whiskey.

Number one, among the virtues of alcohol the fact that its energy is rapidly available and that it has its place in medical practice. It also encourages a tautly nervous person to relax and for that reason, especially among the elderly, it is sometimes an aid to digestion.


For most of us in New Orleans, however, alcohol goes to work so fast producing  that energy from other foods we have eaten aren’t given a chance.
They aren’t needed while alcohol is taking over the whole job and they hate to cross the picket line. They can be stored in the body if alcohol can’t, so the food that isn’t needed just transforms itself to fat in the hope that it will be appreciated at a later date.


If your daily calorie count takes due notice of the energy value of alcohol, however, you can see that all your food is assimilated by keeping it within maintenance limits. Alcohol calories count just the same as any other, even though they aren’t very good calories.

Alcohol tends to make you feel hungry and so you are more likely to eat more, when you are drinking.


You can also notice yourself feeling more hungry the next day, as alcohol burns sugar. So you can find yourself bingeing the day after you have had some alcohol. So if you want to drink alcohol and you are on a diet, you need to be very careful!

Some people try to work around this problem and do some extra exercise at some time in the week to make up for a good night out with a few drinks and that really doesn’t work that well for various reasons LOL


If you are truly trying to lose weight in New Orleans then you should only have alcohol in moderation and perhaps get on a Weight Loss Program in New Orleans that is Consistent, Motivating and hold you Accountable to limit you from sabotaging your Fat loss Goals!

I’d LOVE to hear your comments in the comment section below…

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Comments on Are your Cocktail Calories cause Weight Gain in New Orleans? »

September 24, 2009

Pam Gordon @ 5:34 am

This was in no way offensive, in fact I loved the article and passed it on. I don’t drink so I am glad to see what I have avoided. Thanks for all the wisdom that you are passing on.

Erin Sullivan @ 7:01 am

Loved the Article! Keep ‘em coming!

Maribeth @ 7:03 am

Thank you Jonas for your insight regarding this topic. Now that football season has begun, I found myself in a situation where everyone was drinking and I do not like beer. So, I chose a Mike’s Cranberry hard lemonade and the next day after my research, I found that this 1 bottle had 222 calories and 30.4 grams of sugar. It was not worth it. That is equivalent to a small meal. Is there any options to these social situations?

sheri' @ 7:14 am

hey jonas…great write up…in your opinion, if a gal is going to partake in a cocktail…what would you say is the lesser of the evils?

Lee @ 8:11 am

Hi Jonas: I can’t wait to see your answer to Sheri……I love the article and this is my downfall. I like to drink white wine…and can’t seem to take a break so I can lose the extra 10 lbs. that I have.

Love the cat pic too! We are having a blast in Mandeville with Joe!

Thanks to you both for everything!

Lylyn @ 9:10 am

Luckily for me I don’t drink very often though I do enjoy the occasional girls night out. When I do decide to drink I usually have red wine or pale ale and limit the quantity plus I drink a glass of water between each drink to stay hydrated. I also stay away from hard liquor completely because it’s too potent for a lightweight like me.

Sarah @ 9:19 am

Great Article….ok are you saying my red wine with dinner has to go??

joy @ 12:32 pm

Ok I like Red wine twice a week, and also have michelob ultra occasionally. I have heard this is less of all evil true or not…If I plan on having some cocktails, how do you feel about eating just protein and subsitute cocktails for my carbs, that is if low calorie cocktails that is mentioned above?

Erin @ 4:16 pm

No offense taken. In fact, I pride myself on the fact that I’ve educated myself about the effects of alcohol after watching its destruction on lifestyles in New Orleans over the years. I still like an occasional glass of wine or two, but not as a ritual. It’s need more muscle, thought…so,


dixie @ 5:34 pm

this is so true about eating more when i drink, and eating horrible the next day. i am in social situations a lot though where drinking is involved. i enjoy alcoholic beverages when i am out with friends. i have heard that clear alcohol’s are better than any if you are going to drink. is this true? if not, like a previous question, what is the best to drink if i am going to drink?

September 25, 2009

Jonas @ 5:26 am

THanks for the comments everyone!

Dixie, a glass of Wine would probably be your drink of choice.

Erin, look forward to seeing you in Boot Camp

Joy, The main thing is moderation, having a glass of wine is a lot better then drinking a whole bottle and I don’t really feel good about your theory :P

Sarah, If you find that it’s difficult to reach your goals, then it might be a good idea to cut back on the wine and see if that makes a difference

Lee, I’m gad you are having a good time, I love cats too!

Sheri, always drink the cocktail that they don’t serve at place you go and you will be ok!. Ideally , you would want to drink the one with the less sugars in it.

Maribeth, you are correct, a lot of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages have a lot of calories with TONS of sugar. There really isn’t a Good alternative, A glass of wine would probably be the best because it does have some healthy benefits over beer and cocktails.

Erin Sullivan, thanks for your comment!

Pam, looking forward to reading more responses from you!


September 28, 2009

Monica @ 11:43 am

Sad to say but I love to party. Born and raised in NO and the Saints are rocking the house. So there you have it. Very hard to loose weight. I don’t drink during the week but I like to let loose on the weekend. My choice is white wine but not a glass. Scary news but thanks for the info. I always appreciate a wake up call!!!!

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