Are you A New Orleans Diet Dabbler?

May 13, 2009


Are you A New Orleans Diet Dabbler?

new orleans Junk food
Spring is already here and Summer is right around the corner here in New Orleans,
which means one thing – it’s time for post- spring cleaning.

The word alone conjures up the image of a garage too filled with junk to walk through, let alone park a car,
and closets filled to capacity.

When things get this out of hand it’s easy to just give up.

Why put your running sneakers on the rack when you’d have to climb over a stack of New Orleans newspapers to reach it?
It’s easier to throw them down by the door. Why hang your sweater up when the closet is a hurricane disaster area?
It’s easier to drop it over the back of a chair.

What does this have to do with fitness and weight loss in New Orleans, Mandeville or Metairie?
It’s actually a striking analogy for where many of my clients are before they find me.

They’ve given up.

Why eat a salad when you’re thirty pounds overweight? It’s easier to enjoy a heaping plate of pasta.
Why go to the gym after work when it will just make you sore? It’s easier to relax on the couch and turn on the T.V. and watch American idol or something.

Living life with unwanted excess weight is like allowing your garage to stay clogged with junk.
It’s a discouraging place to be. Most people dread that area of their house and that’s probably why they never replace  the light bulb when it goes out


The good news is that you aren’t stuck.

In the same way that you take a weekend to roll up your sleeves and get that garage cleaned out, it’s time to take a
month or two (or more depending on where you are in relation to your goals) and drop down to your ideal weight.

I know I’m making it sound easy, and when you approach it this way it is easy.

Beware: There are two ways to approach weight loss in New Orleans or the Surrounding areas,
one will leave you discouraged and frustrated while the other will get you fit and toned. Which approach do you use? Read on to find out…

The Diet Dabbler
You know this person. Every month they are trying out a new Fad diet, one week they can’t eat carbs and
the next week they are only eating only some gross soup. They feel guilt about food and are unable to experience the results that they want.


Exercise is equally as spotty and is done in bursts. One month they power walk on their lunch break, a few months later they try taking a class at the gym.

Results aren’t achieved and the programs are abandoned.
Maybe you can relate.


The entire problem with the Diet Dabbler mentality is their lack of consistency.
The only thing consistent is that their frustration grows with every failed attempt and their weight continues to rise.

The Action Taker
You also know this wonderful person. This is that guy or gal who buckled down and lost the weight with the use of a massive plan of action.
They teamed up with a New Orleans Fitness professional, they stuck with a diet plan and they exercised hard.
And in a short time their body was transformed.


Guess what? Now that Action Taker is in maintenance mode-the best place to be.
They look great, they feel great, their cloths fit just right and they’re loving every minute of it.

Maybe you’re thinking “I tried to lose the weight and it didn’t work, so this won’t work for me either.” Forgive me for putting it bluntly, but you’re wrong.

Maybe you’ve dabbled with diets and exercise only to come away frustrated. I understand.
Many of my New Orleans, Metairie and Mandeville clients have experienced that same frustration before they found me.

Here’s the bottom line: it’s time to tap into your inner Action Taker, roll up your sleeves and do what it takes to drop down to your ideal weight.

Get serious about your results and begin the last weight loss program that you’ll ever do. Get started on a program that will deliver results.

Then you can kick your New Orleans diet dabbling days to the curb.

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Comments on Are you A New Orleans Diet Dabbler? »

May 13, 2009

Michelle Helmke @ 8:06 am

I did watch American Idol last night while sitting on my sofa, but I worked out first!

admin @ 8:12 am

That is pretty fantastic to hear Michelle!
One of my personal training clients told me this morning that after watching Biggest loser last night, he did a hour of cardio just out of inspiration!

John Chancellor @ 8:27 am

Your lesson on consistency is very important. We should have learned this lesson by now. After all we were all exposed to it early in life – remember the story from Aesop’s Fables about the race between the tortoise and the hare? Consistency pays big dividends, in exercise, weight loss and any other activity.

Great lesson … and who allowed you to take a picture of my garage?

admin @ 9:09 am

Hahahaha, Yes you are correct, the tortoise’s consistency is always going to have an overall better result.

John, I really hope your garage doesn’t look like that :) if it does, cleaning it up could be a really good indirect workout for you to do over the weekend!

May 19, 2009

Lanay @ 12:07 pm

I agree. Consistency is key with exercise and diet. Unfortunately, most choose to practice the consistency of giving up.

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