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Last month I put on a transformation contest with my boot camp  locations in New Orleans , Metairie, Lakeview and Gretna! The Person who   made the best transformation won a Ipod touch And…
The winner is 53 year Old Debbie Studard (yes I have permission to put her age)

Before ————4 Weeks ————–After

Debbie did what some call the impossible..she found the fountain of youth and turned back the hands of time and literally became 10 years younger looking and feeling!

As you can see from her before and after pics, in just 4 short weeks she lost inches all over her body , and increased her condindence and dropped 4 pants sizes!
Debbie( 53 y/o) is proof that at any age it’s never too late to make a change and real the benefits of proper exercise and nutrition.

How did she do it? SImple! For the 4 weeks that she was at boot camp, Debbie made the adjustments in her daily life and diet by eliminating junk food and consistently eating 5-6 small healthy meals throughout the day!

On top of that, Debbie stopped drinking diet coke and focused on drinking more water throughout the 4 weeks.

“i made the decision to go to boot camp and workout! I wasn’t going to waste all the energy and effort I put into working out at boot camp by ruining it with junk food while I was in the program.”

If you are iterested in transforming your body like Debbie ..then sign up for the New Years Jump Start Boot Camp session that starts Jan. 3rd!
Ready to register…lets get started click here New Orleans Boot Camp

Registration is simple..just pick a New Orleans boot Camp location in either Uptown, Lakeview( Mid city) , Gretna, or Metairie( river ridge area) to get started

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Make sure to reserve your spot because space is VERY limited and the last thing you want to do is to miss out on what may be the single most important opportunity for getting 10x’s stronger and healthier.

Select a city and register now…http://www.nolabootcamp.com

P.S. An Interesting point: In 30 days you’ll either be a month older and possibly a few pounds heavier

Click here to Register for Boot Camp!

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