A Personal Side of a New Orleans Boot Camp Instructor.

January 31, 2010


From time to time I like to share “Personal Moments” with my readers and clients to let them know, I’m just not this…

Super Serious Fitness Dude who Lives and Breathes Exercise and Boot Camp All Day in New Orleans

And even though, I LOVE my Profession and I’m VERY Passionate about it…..
My main focus and True Passion in my Life is spending time with my daughter Alysse!

I made this video about a year ago when I first got my “Flip cam”.

At the time I had just finished taking my daughter to go see the Movie, High School Musical 3.

In the video my daughter is re-creating a dance number in the movie that they sung to called “You got 16 Minutes”.

Really I have no idea what the songs name is all I know is that they repeated the words “16 minutes” about 30 times.

Anyway checkout the video and at the end you will see my daughter actually takes the camera from me and starts asking me questions!

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January 31, 2010

Kelli Pastor @ 6:43 am

How sweet! Your daughter is precious, and I’m so glad you shared this with us. Cherish every minute with Alysse…they grow up so fast!

Barbara Marino @ 7:15 am

I see what you mean! What a prescious girl! I loved it!

Kristie @ 9:13 am

What a beautiful little girl and so sweet! Thanks for sharing this and for showing us a little more about your life!

Kristin @ 9:39 am

That was really cute!

Shelia @ 9:41 am

She is too cute! Daddy’s little girl! Thanks for sharing this special moment with us.

Desi Richter @ 12:40 pm

Adorable! Perhaps we could incorporate some of these dance moves into the boot camp..hold those squats for 16 minutes, 16 minutes, 16 minutes :)

chuck deffes @ 4:38 pm

It’s great to be a Dad………………………..

Jonas @ 11:57 pm

Thanks for all the kind comments everyone!

And Desi…thanks for that great idea!..but..don’t temp me you know I will LOL

February 1, 2010

Terry @ 6:54 am

Snot! She had some awesome questions at the end. Very very cute.

Sarah @ 8:59 am

Awwwwww. your daughter is precious but the picture of you two together is the best. Have fun it goes by fast…..

Labree @ 9:40 am

She is such a cutie!

Jonas @ 3:38 pm

Thanks Labree, I tend to think she takes after me and thank you for taking that pic of us!

Jonas @ 3:39 pm

Hey Sarah, I know it’s going way too fast!..I can’t believe she’s going on 6 years old!

Jonas @ 3:40 pm

Terry, Snot! lol!

February 2, 2010

Hop @ 1:42 pm

That is priceless man!

February 3, 2010

Jonas @ 9:41 pm

Thanks Hop! I hope is going well for you in the new year!

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