A New Orleans Stretching Yoga Sequence

April 15, 2010


A New Orleans Stretching Yoga Sequence

This Great Yoga Sequence is a Guest Post by Kamloops Yoga Teacher Katrina Ariel

Stretching is a very important part of taking care of your body, and doing a short session like this yoga practice is a good way to keep your muscles supple and your body happy.

Keeping up your workout, balancing it with stretching, and – of course – eating smart, are all essential aspects of staying healthy.
Sometimes the hardest part is getting the food part right. But there are simple things you can do (like choosing Low Glycemic foods) that make a BIG difference.

To find out how to reset your metabolism and why Low Glycemic foods are so important, check out this helpful video New Orleans Fat loss Contest <===Click here

Katrina Ariel is a Kamloops Yoga Instructor , she runs Yoga Fitness Boot Camp Kamloops Canada

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