3 Reasons Why Easier Isn’t Better at New Orleans Boot Camps

October 14, 2010


Three Reasons Why Easier Isn’t Better at New Orleans Boot Camp

A Fitness Blog Post by: Heidi Sherman( New Orleans Westbank Boot Camp Instructor in Gretna)

Hey there!  I wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts that many of my Westbank Adventure Bootcampers have asked about.

I’ve been thinking about the popular question,
“It’s going to get easier, right?”

Well, the answer is Yes and No. And, believe it or not, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t want your workouts to be easy!

Read on to learn three reasons why this is true!

1. As stated above, some things will get easier. For example, over time your flexibility and balance will definitely improve.

However, that doesn’t mean once you notice an improvement you’re off the hook!

Acknowledge your achievement, but know that your ultimate goal is to continually improve.

The stronger your muscles are, the stronger you will feel throughout your daily activities. Better balance and flexibility will make you notice that your center of gravity is solid, which will improve your everyday range of motion and make you feel younger!

Challenge yourself to be more balanced throughout each exercise and workout and you will notice amazing improvements in your mobility.  Remember: RESIST GRAVITY!!

2. Easy is boring.  It’s uninspiring and not productive. If every exercise was ‘easy’ there would be no point in doing them.

With that said, it is also important to have a sense of progression towards your fitness goal.  Because of that, you should realize the reason why you may feel as though week four is just as hard as week one is because you are now doing more complex exercises.  That means that you are using more than one major muscle group at a time.

Put simply, this not only keeps our workouts fun and exciting, but it also keeps your muscles from being ‘bored’ and having a plateau effect.

So don’t feel bad if it seems just as hard as it did in the beginning.  You are getting stronger and achieving more!!!

3. Fitness is a complex goal.  It is not easy to retrain yourself to make healthy choices.  However, you can celebrate small victories that are building foundations for a healthier lifestyle.

I was so proud of two of my Westbank Boot campers that told me they made protein shakes to have during the Saints game rather than beer!

Yes, it would have been ‘easy’ to make excuses for having ‘just one’, but they made a choice that in the long run will keep them moving forward towards their fitness goals without taking two steps backwards.  So, share your accomplishments no matter how small or insignificant you think they are because sharing will help keep you focused.

Try rewarding yourself with something non-food related: a candlelight bath, listening to a favorite album, or watching a sunset.  And keep making good choices!!!

Well, that’s all for now.  Keep your ‘back straight, butt tight, eyes straight ahead’ and know that you can do this!


Heidi Sherman (New Orleans Westbank Boot Camp Instructor)

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October 14, 2010

Lady Z @ 7:34 am

Heidi: Great information. I enjoy the challenge of working out in the style you show us. Even though I’m an instructor myself, some of those moves were challenging for me. But you just have to keep trying and you’ll be amazed at how quick the body adapts. I so thoroughly enjoyed the last four weeks. I plan on continuing my M, W, F workouts at home (just a little later in the morning).

Vicki Chappetta @ 7:39 am

When is the next Westbank Boot Camp? I’ve been checking out the website for dates but none have been posted. Please let me know!!

Heidi Sherman @ 10:11 am

The next Westbank Bootcamp starts November 1st! We’ll be in the soccer field again @ Huey P. and 10th St.

jonas @ 10:50 am

The Next Westbank Boot camp is Nov 1st..It’s posted on the calander for westbank.

Janet Noble @ 4:18 pm

I’ve been doing the Westbank Boot Camp 3 days a week, even though my personal trainer told me I could not do it.
I have a very bad Right knee….well I did it!! Some weeks only 2 days instead of 3 because of the knee issue.
But, It Was worth it!!!

Mornings I find myself smiling To myself, knowing I’m the oldest one out there.
Vainity is Helll!! Heidi is a Motivational Instructor !!
Already Signed up for next time. Wish me luck!

October 15, 2010

Jennifer Phillips @ 5:25 am

Heidi, just a BIG Thank you for the last 4 weeks of kicking my butt. I used to say, “I want to live a healthy lifestyle.” Now, I can say, “I am living a healthy lifestyle.” I have renewed energy, a brighter attitude, and a tighter tooshie to boot! WE WESTBANKERS LOVE ‘YA BUNCHES! I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes that motivates me to continue…”At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you.”-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe–

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