New Orleans Outdoor Boot Camp workout!

December 10, 2010


Hey there, Jonas here from New Orleans Boot Camp. As a fitness professional I’m always looking for new ways to train my clients using body weight workouts! My number one choice in training my clients are Boot Camp style workouts where you use your body weight.

Below is a Done for you New Orleans workout that you can over the weekend!

After your warm up you are going to want to find a set of stairs or a curb…should be pretty simple because curbs and stairs are literally everywhere. You are going to do the 4 Different Circuits with the listed amount of reps. and repeat each circuit for a total of 4 times before moving onto the next one…here it goes….
1. Upper Body Circuit is: 25 Push-ups followed immediately 25 Seated Dips. You are going to repeat this 4 more times with no rest.

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