Why Steady State Cardio Actually Sucks in New Orleans

April 27, 2010


Why Steady State Cardio Actually Sucks in New Orleans(as a primary fat loss tool)

There are 2 major reasons in my book why standard cardio is a big loser for fat loss.


Reason 1

The first is EPOC. EPOC stands for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. Basically what EPOC does is tells us how long it takes the body to return to its pre-exercise metabolic rate. So after a bout of intense exercising your body will continue to burn extra calories for a certain period of time. From a fat loss perspective, the longer the EPOC the better. Some activities like weight training have an EPOC of 30 plus hours. The EPOC for steady state cardio is approximately zero. Yessir, give or take when you step off that treadmill or bike you are done burning calories – done.

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Making the Invisible, VISIBLE!

April 26, 2010


Making the Invisible, VISIBLE!

A Fitness Blog Post by: Jonathan Kaufman( New Orleans Boot Camp Instructor in Lake view)


I moved to New Orleans to find myself spiritually and wound up living in, of all places, a Zen Temple. Here in New Orleans, city of fun, festivity, and frolic, a place exists where I could go to get in touch with my true self, whatever that was.

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Don’t Drink Yourself Fat in New Orleans

April 22, 2010


Don’t Drink Yourself Fat in New Orleans


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New Orleans, 51 Summer Fitness Boot Camp Tips on Burning Fat!

April 20, 2010


New Orleans, 51 Summer Fitness Boot Camp Tips on Burning Fat!

A Fitness Boot Camp Guest Post by Dan Go

Summer means a lot of things…but the most important thing is the fact that we wear our most revealing clothes during the summer so you want to be looking your best when hitting the scene or going to the beach. There is nothing worse than having that extra flab hanging around from the holidays haunting you every time you wear your clothes.


The good thing is changing your body doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to live off of salad and chicken for every meal, work out in the gym for 2 hours a day 7 days a week and you don’t have to give up your lifestyle to tone up, slim down your winter belly and have toned arms your friends would be jealous of.
Here are 51 tips on burning the extra fat off of your body and if you don’t want to go through all 51 of them.

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A New Orleans Stretching Yoga Sequence

April 15, 2010


A New Orleans Stretching Yoga Sequence

This Great Yoga Sequence is a Guest Post by Kamloops Yoga Teacher Katrina Ariel

Stretching is a very important part of taking care of your body, and doing a short session like this yoga practice is a good way to keep your muscles supple and your body happy.

Keeping up your workout, balancing it with stretching, and – of course – eating smart, are all essential aspects of staying healthy.
Sometimes the hardest part is getting the food part right. But there are simple things you can do (like choosing Low Glycemic foods) that make a BIG difference.

To find out how to reset your metabolism and why Low Glycemic foods are so important, check out this helpful video New Orleans Fat loss Contest <===Click here

Katrina Ariel is a Kamloops Yoga Instructor , she runs Yoga Fitness Boot Camp Kamloops Canada

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New Orleans Slimming Secrets

April 6, 2010


REAL New Orleans Slimming Secrets from the Supermarket:
“The Top 4”

This “negative” can be very positive.

Most of us don’t just want to lose “weight”. We want to lose body fat. This is what really concerns us, cosmetically speaking, at least.

Body fat, referred to by scientists as adipose tissue, is the stuff that can hide shapely, defined muscles from view, make your bikini fit awkwardly (or not at all), put rolls on your belly, and so on. To lose body fat and prevent it from finding you again, you must burn more of it than you store. When you achieve this scientists say you are in negative fat balance, and it can be a very positive thing.
Indeed, if you stay in negative fat balance long enough, then you will unquestionably lose body fat.

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