Backwards Fitness in New Orleans?

February 26, 2010


Backwards Fitness in New Orleans?


As you can imagine, I hear a ton of excuses from people on why they don’t exercise.

Sometimes the reason is self inflicted: I don’t have the time.

Other times the reason is procrastination:I’m going to start as soon as tax season ends.”

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The Hardest New Orleans Boot Camp Exercise

February 10, 2010


The Hardest New Orleans Boot Camp Exercise


It’s called the Burpee..Actually it’s a pretty simple yet advanced exercise that reeks fat loss
all over it!

It’s basically a Hybrid exercise containing a …
-Push up

1. Start off with your hands touching the ground in a squatted position.

2. Shoot your legs straight back and land on the balls of of your feet right into the top position of a push up.

3. Do a optional push up then shoot your legs back together towards your hands, landing back in the bottom Squat position.

4. From the bottom Squat position leap up and reach up for the sky then land back down into the starting position which is the
bottom position of the squat.

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Exercise at ANY age in New Orleans

February 3, 2010


Exercise at ANY age in New Orleansexercise-posters

So you’ve slacked off a bit and avoided exercise in New Orleans.

Maybe your job demands too much of your time or you simply fell out of the routine because of the Saints going to the Super Bowl and upcoming Mardi Grass events. I have news for you. Whether you’ve taken off one year, ten years or haven’t exercised a day in your life – it’s never too late to start.

You see there are problems with living a life devoid of exercise. Big problems.
Your weight rises along with your blood pressure and cholesterol. Your muscles and joints degenerate at an astounding rate leaving you with daily aches and pains. Your body becomes weak, making you susceptible to all kinds of medical issues.

Why Should I Start Now? You’ve heard about the benefits that consistent exercise bring, but what if you haven’t been consistent? Should you even start at all? This has been the subject of many medical studies and the results are unanimous:

Exercise in New Orleans helps improve your quality of life even if you start late.

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