New Orleans Chiropractor speaks on Joint Pain

July 2, 2009


New Orleans Chiropractor, Dr. Nick Thompson has to be one the Best Chiropractors in New Orleans


He has a really cool vibe about him and he is really into Nutritional care for his clients as well.

In the interview some of the topics we talk about are…

  • How New Orleans Chiropractic care deals with Muscular skeletal disorders with the Body
  • Traditional Chiropractic care vs. Traditional Western Doctor’s treatment.
  • Typical Inflammatory Diet vs. Organic Diet.<—-Learn how your diet could be Hurting your Joints!
  • Recommended Supplements that can help you.
  • Recognizing what things cause wear and tear on the body
  • Why Soda’s cause damage in your body!
  • What a New Orleans Chiropractor treatment from Dr. Thompson includes!
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So, If you are Having some problems with your body and can’t quite seem to figure out what it is then….

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