Toned Arms Like Michelle Obama

April 12, 2009


Toned Arms Like Michelle Obama

Regardless of what you think of the current administration, the media has made one thing perfectly clear: Women everywhere are BIG fans of Michelle Obama’s arms.

Now I know that past First Ladies have not usually worn sleeveless dresses. And you may not think it’s appropriate. You may love it. Whichever way you feel I think we can agree on one thing: The woman DOES have some nice arms on her!

In fact, I’ve seen some reporters condemning her arms because they are flat out jealous of how good she looks.

After doing some research online it’s become clear that the First Lady makes it a priority to exercise. In fact, according to news reports she and the President get up at 5:30am three times a week to workout (just like boot campers in New Orleans, Mandeville , and Metairie!).

Imagine that, two people as busy as they are MAKING time for fitness. Kind of puts the lame old excuse, “I’m too busy”, to rest of good, no?

Hopefully whomever is designing her fitness program is recommending she consume the proper post-workout nutrition. You see, research has shown that recovery of muscle nutrient stores can be enhanced by consuming a specified mixture of carbs and protein immediately after a workout. This greatly improves the recovery time from exercise.

What does that really mean?

It means you’ll make the most of your workout so you can get those Nice, toned arms as fast as possible. It’s also exactly why I recommend Post workout Protein recovery shake to all my clients.

Look, I’m not kidding about how much Post workout recovery Drink will improve your exercise performance. It tastes great and it’s ready to drink in less than 60 seconds. If you want Tight and toned arms in New Orleans this will help you see them faster.

Yours in health,

Jonas Deffes

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